When you want your accommodation to have incredible natural surroundings but the creature comforts of home, glamping is a great option. A portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping, this style of accommodation brings a little luxury to the great outdoors, and more glamping destinations have been popping up across the country in recent years. One incredible glamping destination in Japan can be found at the Shakushiyama Gateway Camp, which boasts some incredible views of Mount Fuji.

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There are several types of glamping tents available at the premises, including luxury four bed tents (Dome A, Dome B, and Dome C), deluxe twin tents (Dome D, Dome E, Dome F, and Dome G), and premium twin tents (Dome H, Dome I, and Dome J). The four bed tents would be perfect for family trips or to accommodate larger friend groups, and the twin tents would work well for a couple's getaway.

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Part of what makes glamping such an appealing option when compared to traditional camping is that the domes here have both air conditioning and insulation installed. That means that even if you visit in the height of summer or once winter has taken hold, you won't be sweltering or freezing.

The venue also offers a number of shared facilities for guests to utilize, including open-air baths with a Fuji view that can be reserved in 50 minute increments. Restrooms and shower facilities are also shared, and they're located outside the dome tents themselves.

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Reservations for the glamping tents at Shakushiyama Gateway Camp can be made by phone on 070-4333-9740 or by visiting their website here.

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