Nestled in the heart of Hokkaido, Furano, a land famed for its vast lavender fields, offers an immersive experience of a world painted with gorgeous rainbow colors. Discover an enchanting blend of romance and stunning landscapes in this Japanese paradise.

Whether you’re a fan of organized sightseeing tours, personalized chauffeured drives, or engaging outdoor activities like walking or cycling tours, Furano promises a delightful adventure for everyone. So, buckle up and embark on a magical journey through the awe-inspiring terrains of Furano.

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1. Lavender Love: Furano & Biei Lavender Day Tour with Lunch

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This tour offers a vivid exploration of Farm Tomita, a place known for its vibrant seasonal flowers. You can take a leisurely stroll amid the floral splendor and feast your senses on the lavender in full bloom during the summer. Add a culinary twist to your tour with a delicious local gourmet experience featuring the famous “Furano Omelette Curry” for lunch. Enjoy shopping at Ningle Terrace, a romantic shopping area nestled amid Furano’s natural beauty.

Past tour participants commented:
“Everything was well arranged. The bus captain and the bus guide were polite and friendly. We are from Singapore, and we’re in love with the beauty of Furano. This trip is worth every cent.”

“Tour was on time. Redemption was a breeze. Save us the time of traveling to the different places on our own as all could be done in one day. Though we didn’t have much time in each attraction, we have managed to cover the various places quite extensively.”

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2. Road, Pond, and Fields: Roller Coaster Road & Biei Blue Pond & Shikisai no Oka & Tomita Farm Day Tour

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Experience the picturesque landscapes of Furano and Biei as this tour takes you down Roller Coaster Road, leading you to the captivating Biei Blue Pond. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and enjoy a sumptuous buffet while relishing Hokkaido’s famous ice cream. Visitors commend this tour for its hassle-free organization and the stunning locations it covers.

Past tour participants mentioned:
“My husband and I brought our one-year-old baby with us, and we were so glad to join this hassle-free tour! Thank you to our guide Owen for going way beyond our expectations! The tour is meant to run in Mandarin only because I think they target Chinese speakers. It turns out some of their clients are non-Chinese speakers, and Owen happily runs it in both languages! He took good care of all the clients, including us and our baby; the tour ran on time, and the places we went to were gorgeous!”

“This tour came with lunch buffet and lavender ice cre…

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