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Summer in Niseko | Activities and Hidden Treasures

Each year tourists travel from all over Japan to Hokkaido to experience the unique experiences that this island has to offer, and Niseko is no exception. There are loads of interesting things to see and fun things to do nearby, here are a few of our summer in Niseko highlights.

Explore The Area by Bike | Casual Cyclists

Thanks to the unique layout of the Niseko area there are countless destination rides that suit riders of every ability, and of course we have bike rentals available. One of our favorite destinations from our base in Hirafu is Niseko Takahashi Dairy Farm (Milk Kobo) near Niseko Village, home of the famous Cheese Tart. Another top destination to visit by bike is Niseko View Plaza, a Michi No Eki with numerous offerings for tourists and locals alike. Be sure to sit outside if the weather is fine, they have a great Yotei view!

Ride Some Serious K’s | Road Cyclists

Known amongst road cyclists for beautiful views and clean air, Niseko is a premier road cycling destination and will host the ANA Niseko Classic once again this September. If you’re not a competitor yet still want to get out there and ride, it’s hard to go past the Goshiki Loop, with the Panarama Line living up to its name on fine days. This route circumnavigates Mt. Niseko-Annapuri, home to the Niseko United ski resorts.

summer in niseko
One of the many quaint veggie stalls you’ll come across during your rides

Ride the Rusutsu Flow Trail | Mountain Bike

This flow trail and mini pump track is located at the nearby town of Rusutsu, and is loads of fun and free to ride. It’s relatively short but packed with loads of berms, rollers and even jumps for the more advanced riders. We have all bikes available for rent, so whether it’s an e-bike, mountain bike (MTB), or road bike, come and see the team at Rhythm Main St.

Skate the Nupuri Bowl

The Nupuri Bowl is quickly becoming the center point of the local skate scene, and was built last summer by local skater and business owner Junichiro Watanabe. This bowl style setup is suitable for skaters of all levels and is open to the public everyday (unless it rains). Hours are 10am-7pm, except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays when it opens at 12pm. Admission Adult ¥1000

Farmers field near the mysterious stone circle

Visit a Stone Circle Nearly as Old as the Pyramids

Experts believe this stone circle was constructed by over 4000 years ago, during the Jomon period. Not much is known about this site and the ruminants are somewhat underwhelming to the untrained eye, however it confirms that people inhabited the Niseko area a long, long, time ago.

Drink the Magic Water

Springwater generally tastes pretty good, but the crystal clear mineral water that filters through Mt Yotei tastes incredible. Some estimate that this water takes 80 years to reach the surface, with it being incredibly clean, refreshing, and mineral enriched. There are many places around the Niseko area where you can fill your water bottles, including Kyogoku, Moiwa, Maakari, Kabayama.

Yotei provides some of the best spring water you’ll ever drink

Play a Round of Golf

The Niseko area boasts numerous Golf Courses, with the season running from April through until October. Green fees range from affordable to premium, but if you’re looking for the full package than we recommend the Niseko Village Golf Course, with numerous walk/in walk/out accommodations available.

Perfect Your Swing

If you’re looking to freshen up your skills before getting out on the golf course, play a round on the Indoor Golf Simulator at Village Sports. If it’s just your fairway game that you need to work on, head out to Hirafu Golf Center for some driving range practice. ¥1000 for 100 balls, and clubs available for rent.

Ride Some Seriously Fun Rollercoasters

Rusutsu is home to a theme park that comes alive in the summertime, and features five rollercoasters and numerous other exciting rides. You probably won’t encounter too many queues providing you avoid school holidays, and make sure you head into the hotel afterwards to see the robotic bears sing and dance!

Experience Fine Dining, Art & Nature All in One

Located near Hanazono ski resort, SOMOZA is a gallery, chefs table, exhibition and event space that delivers a high level experience in all areas. Located in a refurbished historical building perched high above the Io river, the beautiful location itself is well worth the visit.

People flock to Hokkaido to see the beautiful colors each Summer and Autumn

Take a Hike | Casual

There are some good hikes in the Niseko area and one of our favorites has to be the Kagami Numa wetland marsh walk. It takes approximately 45 minutes each way and leads you to a beautiful lake, and on a still day the reflection of Mt. Niseko-Annapuri shines vividly in the water. Bonus points if you can spot the mysterious floating island!

Climb a Mountain | Mt Yotei

Known by many as “the Mt Fuji of Hokkaido”, this near perfectly shaped volcano is a pretty big hike and we only recommend climbing it during fine weather. There are four different routes to the summit, and we recommend the Maakari route as it’s a slightly lower gradient. The majority of the routes are steep and contains a lot of loose rocks, and should only be attempted by resilient hikers with a decent level of fitness. Hiking boots and walking poles are strongly recommended (even if you usually don’t hike with poles), and are available to purchase from our Rhythm Main St store.

There are some excellent sunsets in Niseko… get out and about for the best chance of seeing one!

Relax in an Onsen

Is there a better way to relax at the end of a day than by a soaking in naturally heated mineral water? All of the onsens listed below have indoor and outdoor baths.

  • Niseko Grand Hotel – this is the only onsen in Niseko that allows mixed bathing, meaning you don’t have to split your co-ed group when going for a soak.
  • Kiranoyu Spa Niseko Station – this onsen at Niseko town is hugely popular with locals, and the entry fee is only ¥600!
  • Kyogoku Onsen – Relaxing onsen and a meal for ¥1000 . . . what more could you want!?

Raft the Pristine Shiribetsu River

One of Niseko’s original summer activities, rafting the Shiribetsu is a must do activity for visitors to the area. Each spring the river reaches a state of high flow thanks to an abundance of snowmelt, creating extra excitement for thrill seekers. There are numerous reputable rafting operators in the Niseko area, and we recommend starting with NAC.

Go Fly Fishing

The Shiribetsu river is home to some pretty big fish, so put a line in the water and see if you can catch one for yourself! For the best chance of success we recommend getting a guided tour with Niseko Fly Fishing and Tenkara.


ニセコの夏 |おすすめの場所とアクティビティー

毎年、日本全国の観光客が北海道を訪れ、他では味わえないこの島ならではのユニークでエキサイティングな経験を楽しみます。そしてここニセコも、最高の体験ができる北海道の人気エリアのひとつです。ここで、ニセコのおすすめの場所とアクティビティー のいくつかをご紹介します。

自転車で探索しよう | カジュアルサイクリング


自分の限界を試そう| ロードサイクリング


ルスツフロートレイル | マウンテンバイク




ピラミッドくらい古い? 曽我北栄環状列石












ハイキング | カジュアル


ハイキング |羊蹄山




ニセコグランドホテル – ニセコで唯一混浴が可能な温泉です。男女共同グループでお越しの際も、バラバラに別れることなく皆さんご一緒に温泉の時間をお楽しみいただけます。

ニセコ駅前温泉綺羅乃湯 – 地元の人に愛されている温泉です。入場料たったの600円!

京極温泉 – 温泉でゆったりした後は、1000円でお食事を楽しめます。




尻別川には大きな魚が多数が生息しており、人気の釣りスポットです。成功の可能性を最大限に高めるために、Niseko Fly Fishing and Tenkaraのガイド付きツアーに参加する事をおすすめします。

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