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‘Surprising Sight For Me!’ 6 Quirky Things About Tokyo’s Ginza Area That Shocked Foreign Tourists

Japan’s good public security record and excellent customer service have made it a top destination among many tourists. You might assume tourists only stick to sightseeing spots like Kyoto and traditional temples because of the unique Japanese experience they provide. Still, the truth is that ultra-modern areas like Ginza in Tokyo are popular among overseas visitors too!

Here, we’ll dig deeper into Ginza’s popularity by interviewing a few of our international friends about what things to do in Ginza that they found exciting and if they experienced any culture shock during their visit. (All statements are personal opinions.)

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1. Clean and tidy streets

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“I was surprised by how clean the streets were,” remarked a Canadian man. “There wasn’t a single rubbish bin in sight, yet you can’t see rubbish anywhere on the ground. That’s just amazing! Another thing that surprised me was the Kabuki-za building’s exterior, with its fantastic design and lovely color combination. Just wonderful!”

A British woman added, “The huge amount of high-end department stores and specialty shops lining the streets was a pretty moving sight for me!”

Our non-Japanese interviewees were largely surprised by how clean the area is. This certainly speaks well of the Japanese people’s etiquette about cleanliness!

Another aspect of Ginza that moved many visitors was the majestic view of rows upon rows of classy boutique stores in beautiful and historical buildings. Even walking down the streets of Ginza can be a pleasure, and this activity is enjoyed by so many, it has earned itself the nickname “ginbura,” which means Ginza-stroll.

Ginza in Tokyo: Ginza Station Vicinity Map and Sightseeing Information

2. High End and Cheap Chains on the Same Street?!

“The classiness of the place did surprise me at first, but I got tired of the glitz pretty quickly. My wife is an avid shopper, and she loved it, though,” said a Canadian man.

An American man remarked, “I knew about the high-end luxury boutiques, but I wasn’t expecting to see value brands like Uniqlo and GU situated right next to them. That was something surprising for me.”

The activity most commonly associated with Ginza is, needless to say, shopping! With so many department stores and branded boutiques to explore, one day wouldn’t be enough to investigate everything that caught your eye!

On the other hand, if shopping isn’t your kind of thing, Ginza may very well become a town that you will tire of relatively quickly, a…

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