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Tasty Souvenirs! 10 Local Foods You Can Buy at Supermarkets in Sapporo

Hokkaido has a reputation for being a treasure trove of food, and since it’s home to many residents originally from other prefectures, it’s also developed a unique food culture.
As a result, there are numerous products, including beer, soft drinks, seasonings, and even instant foods that are sold exclusively in Hokkaido.
One of our local writers living in Sapporo shares foods that Hokkaido visitors may enjoy eating in their hotel rooms or taking home as souvenirs.

ARCS Group, a regional supermarket chain with a wide selection

The supermarket’s red sign is familiar landmark for Hokkaido residents

ARCS Group is a regional supermarket chain with locations in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kita-Kanto. The “Super ARCS East” we visited is located in Sapporo Hibarigaoka Town Plaza, a 5-minute walk from Hibarigaoka Station on the Tozai Subway Line.
The store is open from 10:00 a.m. (9:00 a.m. on Sundays) to midnight. It’s often crowded with shoppers because it has a wide selection of items but is always well-stocked, even late at night.

Manager Yuichiro Takahashi welcomes customers with a smile

Yuichiro Takahashi, the manager of Super ARCS East, is a grocery specialist who began his supermarket career as a part-timer when he was a student. His motto is to welcome customers with sincerity and a smile every day.
Based on his expert knowledge and familiarity with the supermarket’s products, he can recommend local foods that international tourists are likely to enjoy.

1. The same great taste! Hokkaido soul food “Yakisoba Lunch”

Nicknamed “Yakiben” in Hokkaido (*regular size pictured)

“Yakisoba Bento” (107 yen, including tax) is a cup-yakisoba that has been produced by Toyo Suisan since 1975. The noodles are paired with cabbage, minced chicken, pickled ginger, and seasoning. In addition to the regular 100g size, there’s also a 130g large size and a “special-sized” 200g pack.
Flavors include “Yoshikoku Ankake-style,” “Yoshi-salt,” “Tarako-butter-flavored,” “Slightly spicy,” and many others.

First, put the seasoning in the cup

It’s easy to make, too. When you remove the wrapper, you’ll find the seasoning and soup base packets. First, add only a small portion of the ingredients and some hot water. Be careful not to add the sauce yet.

You can make tasty soup with hot water!

Add the Chinese-style soup base and drain the hot water from the noodles. The key is to use the water drained from the noodles instead of plain hot water since it adds more flavor to the broth.

Mix in the sauce and green seaweed and it’s done

Finally, mix in the sauce and green seaweed to complete. The vegetable-based sauce is slightly sweet. Technically, this meal isn’t actually “yakisoba” because it’s not grilled, but these “steamed noodles” are a type of cup noodles rare overseas, and the taste is irresistible.

2. Instant ramen promoted by a famous restaurants to “share the flavor overseas”

Popular Hokkaido varieties are plentiful

Sapporo ramen, Asahikawa ramen, Hakodate ramen, and Kushiro ramen are known as the “four great ramen of Hokkaido,…

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