Iwate Prefecture boasts the largest area in the Tohoku Region. Morioka City is the prefectural capital and is conveniently located near the Kitakami and Nakatsugawa Rivers, looking up at the famous peak of Mt. Iwate.
Morioka is famous for its picturesque natural landscape, as well as its popular local cuisine. Among Morioka's famous foods are the "Morioka sandaimen" – the Three Great Noodles of Morioka: Morioka Reimen, Morioka Jajamen, and Wanko Soba.
These three noodle dishes are Morioka specialties that have been loved by tourists and locals alike for a very long time.

Morioka Reimen: A Product of Trial and Error

Morioka Reimen, the specialty noodle dish of Morioka, was developed by Teruhito Aoki, founder of the famous local shop Shokudoen, nearly 60 years ago.
Upon establishing Shokudoen in 1954, Mr. Aoki undertook the task of trying to reproduce the reimen noodle dish he tried in Korea in his youth. Korean reimen noodles were gray in color and contained buckwheat flour, so his first attempt used buckwheat noodles, as well.
However, the dish wasn't very well received. He replaced the buckwheat flour with potato starch for his next attempt, which resulted in a transparent noodle.
He kept his focus on the three most important components of the dish: thick, firm noodles, clear, sweet beef broth, and kimchi as a topping.
Finally, after trial and error, the perfect reimen dish was born, gradually gaining in popularity and orders. It even appeared regularly in newspapers, magazines, and television. Soon, Morioka Reimen spread throughout Japan.

Recommended Morioka Reimen Shops

1. Shokudoen: Delicious Noodles from the Birthplace of Morioka Reimen
Shokudoen, the birthplace of Morioka Reimen, offers the dish on the menu under the name 'Pyongyang Reimen' (950 yen). It's an exquisite combination of plump, elastic noodles and rich broth made from beef, beef bone, and chicken bone.
The soup, in particular, is addictingly good, with a light, refreshing taste and unique, mellow sweetness. The standard way to eat this dish is to order it with kimchi and adjust its spiciness to your level.
The kimchi adds not only a nice, spicy kick, but a bit of acidity to accent the noodles. If you want to try reimen in Morioka, visit this place!
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