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The Ultimate Shizuoka Tea Experience: Pick, Drink, and Dye with Shizuoka Tea!

Shizuoka is known for several things, one of them being the famous Mount Fuji. But did you know Shizuoka is also famous for tea? Shizuoka, nicknamed 'the town of tea,' is amongst Japan's popular sightseeing destinations and is quick and easy to get to from the city. Just hop on the Shinkansen Hikari Line from Tokyo Station! You'll arrive at Shizuoka Station in only one hour.
Traditional tea-related crafts and experiences await you in Shizuoka. Explore the vast tea gardens, pick your own tea leaves, and enjoy a freshly-brewed cup on the terrace overlooking the gardens.
For today's trip, we follow Bella and Chia-chi from LIVE JAPAN's editorial team as they partake in several tea-related experiences in Shizuoka, such as tea harvesting at Tea Museum, Shizuoka, sampling fresh brews at Ihachi Nouen's tea garden terrace, and ochazome, or tea dyeing, at Takumi-shuku's craft workshop.
These hands-on experiences offer an up close and personal look into the charms and traditions of Shizuoka tea and take place in Shizuoka's beautiful natural environment guaranteed to bring you peace and relaxation.

What Makes Shizuoka Tea So Special?

During our visit, Mr. Shigeta, owner of Ihachi Nouen, brewed three kinds of delicious teas to sample. (For more details on the Shizuoka Tea Tasting Experience, please read on!)

“Since ancient times, Shizuoka Prefecture has boasted the highest number of experts in the tea industry compared to other areas. With its long history and developing technology, Shizuoka’s tea cultivation has evolved along with the trends of the times. Recently, many people are also showing a greater interest in organic farming and environmental issues,” explains Shigeta, owner of Ihachi Nouen.
“But above all, Shizuoka tea is delicious. Tea is grown in abundance here and is a beloved crop of the local community. This is why so many people love Shizuoka tea.”
Shizuoka Prefecture is surrounded by mountains and seas, with rivers running through it. Its mild climate means little snowfall, even in the winter, which has blessed the area with a rich natural environment perfect for growing tea. Shizuoka tea comes in many varieties, determined by altitude differences and other geographical features.
Shizuoka also boasts stunning landscapes with fantastic views of Mount Fuji, the sea, and the expansive tea gardens, all at the same time. For these reasons, Shizuoka has made a name for itself as a popular sightseeing spot, as well.

Getting to Shizuoka from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya

A view of Ihachi Nouen in late April, when new tea leaves are harvested.

Shizuoka Prefecture is located in central Honshu, between Tokyo and Osaka, and faces the Pacific Ocean. Situated along the Tokaido, one of Japan's most important travel roads, you can easil…

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