Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan are actually not far from Tokyo. But when asked to picture Tokyo, most people tend to visualize a high-tech, urban environment teeming with people forever on the move. While this isn’t entirely inaccurate, the greater Tokyo area has so much more to offer those less inclined to city life.
Travel just a few hours from the city center and you can find yourself surrounded by some of Japan’s most stunning natural beauty. For those looking to experience the great outdoors without venturing far from the city, we’ve put together a list of breathtaking waterfalls in Japan that can all be visited as day trips from Tokyo!

1. Kegon Falls – Tochigi Prefecture

Image courtesy of Tochigi Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association

Roughly two hours north of Tokyo sits the picturesque mountain city of Nikko. The area has long been famed for its natural beauty; at one time being the go-to destination for European diplomats building homes in Japan. With so much jaw-dropping scenery to be found in one area, it comes as little surprise that Nikko is home to two waterfalls on our list; the most famous of which being Kegon Falls.

Images courtesy of Tochigi Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association

Upon first sight, it becomes instantly apparent why Kegon Falls is ranked as one of Japan’s three most beautiful waterfalls. At just under 100 meters tall, it stands powerfully apart from the otherwise serene surroundings. The view is particularly beautiful in late spring to early summer when it is engulfed by lush green overgrowth.
These falls in Japan serve as an outlet for nearby Lake Chuzenji, both of which can be seen from Kegon’s free observation deck. To truly appreciate its impressive scale, tickets can be purchased for 550 yen (about $4.85 USD) to ride an elevator to the base of the falls. Those looking for more of a bird’s eye view can ride the nearby Akechidaira Ropeway to take in the entirety of the landscape.
Access via Public Transportation: Take the JR or Tobu Nikko Line to Nikko Station. From here, take the local Tobu bus to Chuzenji Onsen. From this stop, Kegon Falls is roughly five minutes away on foot.

2. Nomizo no Taki – Chiba Prefecture

Fans of the dreamy Japanese landscapes often portrayed in anime will love Chiba Prefecture’s Nomizo no Taki. Though technically a man-made waterfall, this fact does not detract from its straight-out-of-a-fantasy-novel aesthetic. While waterfalls are typically notable for their height, Nomizo no Taki has instead garnered a great deal of fame due to its surreal early morning ambiance that occurs from March through September.
As the sun begins to rise, the circular stone opening at the…

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