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‘They Do What in the Toilet?!’ Italians Shocked By These Japanese Beauty Quirks

Many Japanese have a the image that Europeans, and Italians in particular, are on the cutting edge of beauty. But how do Italians born and raised in such an environment feel about Japanese beauty? I asked Italians directly to find out their uncensored opinions! (The following is the respondent’s personal opinions.)

Japanese mascara is incredibly waterproof!

“I think Italians are more particular about organic and naturally derived ingredients. In Japan, we often see cosmetics at drugstore chains, but in Italy there are many small cosmetic boutiques. Japanese cosmetics are amazing because there are a variety of products that match the type of skin. And Japanese mascara seems incredibly resistant to water, which is great.” (Italian woman)

Japanese cosmetics are highly valued worldwide. One reason is for their safety and quality. Some people who have used Japanese-made cosmetics even choose to order them directly from Japan even after returning to their home country. In particular, brands such as “Shiseido” and “Kose” are well known overseas, and sometimes friends will pass along a list of products to buy to acquaintances who plan to travel to Japan.

A wide variety of items, such as cosmetic brushes, sunscreens, serums and cleansing oils, have been highly evaluated by foreign visitors in Japan. Mascara has a particularly high reputation.

It is said that Japanese mascara, which has a high water resistance thanks to being formulated in a country with such hot and humid summers, is especially appreciated by foreigners. Some who have used it, said, “It’s the strongest mascara in the world!” “You can make your eyelashes very long, waterproof, at a bargain price!” I’m glad that Japanese products are talked about in the world.

I want to know more about how Japanese people deal with dry skin

“A lot of Japanese people think that moisturizing is important for beautiful skin, and many Japanese actually do have beautiful skin. In Italy, there are many women who are interested in skin care, but I don’t think they deal with dry skin effectively like the Japanese. I want to emulate the beauty techniques taken by Japanese more.”

Being beauty-conscious might be something many take for granted when living in Japan. Indeed, it may be that Japanese are among the most beauty-conscious people in the world. For example, Japanese women don’t often go out for shopping and other errands, without first putting on makeup. But that seems rarely the case overseas, where it’s normal to go out without ma…

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