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This Ninja & Geisha-Themed Osaka Capsule Hotel Will Transport You to the Edo Period!

If time-travel wasn’t part of your itinerary before, it certainly will be now! A stay at NINJA & GEISHA will transport you and your friends back in time to the Edo Period.

NINJA & GEISHA Capsule Hotel: A ‘Very Japanese’ Accommodation Space

(Photo: PR Times)

‘NINJA & GEISHA’ is a brand-new themed capsule hotel, which recently opened up in Osaka on July 22, 2022. Designed to attract both domestic and international travelers, this hotel certainly stands out amongst your typical, run-of-the-mill accommodations with its eye-catching Japanese decor.

The theme of the hotel is based on motifs considered “very Japanese” from the eyes of foreign tourists, according to the company, O-IKE TRAVELING. The interior is a simple yet elegant wabi-sabi style, with a gorgeous lobby and a relaxing lounge illuminated by old-fashioned Japanese lanterns. Sleeping spaces are also decked out in traditional Japanese motifs, such as Shinto deities, ukiyoe art, and patterns typically seen on Japanese kimono.

NINJA & GEISHA is more than a simple lodging facility. It’s an entertaining experience that brings visitors face to face with some of their favorite elements of Japanese culture that they’ve probably only seen in movies or anime… until now!

Lodging, Lounging, and 24-Hour Convenience

There’s much to do at this hotel, both before and after sightseeing. Work up a sweat (or work off the Japanese snacks!) at the facility fitness center. Or catch up on actual work from your computer at the co-working space, which is also open to the general public.

There’s even a 24-hour convenience store right on the first floor! So whether it’s daily necessities or a midnight snack, you won’t have to walk too far to find what you’re looking for.

This accommodation doesn’t just provide you with a comfortable place to sleep. It puts you in touch with the local community.

Whether daily necessities or a quick snack at 2AM, the 24-hour convenience store on the first floor has all your basic needs! (Photo: PR Times)

Solo travelers will especially appreciate the facility layout, which has mens’ and women’s’ accommodations on separate floors. Each floor is also complete with a spacious shower and changing room, with a simple yet elegant design that’ll make you forget you’re in a capsule hotel!

Locker rooms offer a place for travelers to securely store any bulky luggage they don’t want to bring into their sleeping space. Women’s shower rooms also provide hair dryers.

4F Women’s locker room & shower area (Photo: PR Times)

The hotel has a total of 96 rooms (separated by men and women). All floor entrances are secured and can be unlocked by swiping your wristband over them.

(Photo: PR Times)

A variety of ‘very Japanese’ concept rooms await! (Photo: PR Times)

The accommodation spaces themselves a…

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