According to the Japan Tourism Agency’s Consumption Trends of Foreign Visitors to Japan for January-March 2023, accommodation (34.1%) and shopping (23.8%) were the two highest expenditure categories for foreign travelers to Japan.

With the current favorable exchange rates, it’s a great opportunity for foreign visitors to enjoy shopping in Japan at discounted prices. Foreign travelers can also take advantage of the tax exemption system, known as “免税” (tax-free), which allows them to save on Japanese taxes and make purchases even more affordable.

Now, there’s a handy web service called that allows you to order tax-free products online before your trip to Japan and have them delivered to your hotel during your stay or even collect things at an airport along your journey.

Our editors tested this service to see if it lives up to its promise.

Our firsthand experience with “” at a hotel!

This time, our Taiwanese editor, Chia-chi, checked out

“Tax exemption procedures can be a bit of a hassle, right? But I was surprised to learn there’s a service available online where you can conveniently shop for tax-free items whenever you want and then get them delivered to your hotel. I can’t wait to give it a try!”

What is “” – a must-see for visitors to Japan? is Japan’s first online service (operated by iEnt Inc.) that allows you to shop tax-free.

With this service, you can avoid waiting in line for tax-free processing at stores. You can fill your cart before your trip to Japan and enjoy discounted shopping for popular snacks, pharmaceuticals, regional specialty products from various parts of Japan, and more, all at tax-free prices.

From 30 days before you arrive in Japan, you can browse and pre-order products on the website. Your order can then be received, have payment processed, and undergo tax-free procedures at your preferred pickup location, such as an affiliated hotel or airport.

Of course, you can also utilize the service during your trip after arriving in Japan.

Please note that each purchase has a system usage fee equivalent to 25% of the consumption tax amount.
(Example: For a 1,000 yen item with a 10% consumption tax, the system usage fee would be 25 yen.)

‘S-01 (Card Holder) / 28,000 yen

At select partner hotels, you can find actual craft items on display, allowing you to check them out in person and make on-the-spot purchases.

“I checked the website from my hotel room and was pleasantly surprised by the extensive product lineup! They have popular items such a…

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