Japan's Shizuoka tea is indeed delicious. But there are more ways to enjoy it than simply drinking it! Take a trip to Shizuoka, the city of tea, and sip a soothing cup in the great outdoors with the gentle breeze on your face. Or pair it with a popular gelato at a trendy cafe! Shizuoka's tea shops and confectionaries offer a variety of specialty Japanese teas and sweets and various ways to enjoy them.
Today, we first join the LIVE JAPAN editing team on Ihachi Nouen's terrace for a laid-back tea-tasting session. So please grab a cup and sip tea with us as we enjoy the gorgeous garden view and learn all about Shizuoka tea!

Tea Tasting Experience on Ihachi Nouen Terrace

Mr. Takuya Shigeta is a 15th-generation tea farmer at Ihachi Nouen, a tea garden with a history of 120 years. Mr. Shigeta takes on the challenge of cultivating pesticide-free, organic teas and has developed the tea terrace to share the glorious garden scenery with as many people as possible.
Today, our editors head to Ihachi Nouen, located just a 25-min drive from Shizuoka Station in Ushizuma, Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City. Just outside the urban area, the roads are lined on both sides with private homes. The garden itself is situated along a small road up a hill.
While you can get there by bus, the closest bus stop is at the foot of the mountain, so you may want to rent a car or take a taxi for convenience. (For more detailed transportation information, please see facility information below.)

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The natural landscape you see in these fields varies by day and changes with the seasons. Mr. Shigeta shares some of his thoughts as a tea farmer: "Whether rain or shine, the view is always superb. I want to share that excitement with as many people as possible."

Organic wakoucha (Japanese black tea) from Ihachi Nouen

On Ihachi Nouen's tea terrace, you can sample and compare three classic types of teas prepared by Mr. Shigeta himself. These types are standard genmaicha (brown rice tea), wakoucha (Japanese black tea), and sencha (roasted green tea).
The price for the experience is 3,000 yen (including tax), and sweets are also provided. Experience all the qualities of delicious tea, from the color and aroma to the delicious taste!

The first thing we sample is the genmaicha. The genmaicha is roasted in-house, which further enhances the aroma, freshness, and sweetness. After that is an astringent sencha brew.
"The taste is a little bitter, but it's soothing," says our editor, Chia-chi, who hails from Taiwan, as she closes her eyes and savors the taste.

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