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Tohoku’s Hidden Gems: These 13 Areas in Rural Japan Look Like Something From A Fairy Tale

Beautiful Tohoku scenery can make a wonderful memory of your trip. The nature-rich Tohoku region has numerous magnificent views, such as the crater lake with emerald green water and a pond that looks like a dragon’s eye.

Tohoku Japan is an area where you can see uniquely Japanese views that change with the season or truly experience Japanese culture, such as the traditional activity “kamakura” and the natural “snow monsters.”

Here we want to introduce you to carefully selected magnificent views of Tohoku Japan. How about stopping by these locations these magnificent view spots during your trip here?

1. Mototaki Fukuryusui Underflow (Akita)

“Motoaki Fukuryusui Underflow” is located in Mt. Chokai, Nikaho City Akita Prefecture. It is a subtle and profound waterfall with various streams that emerges from mossy stones.
It is about 5 meters tall and about 30 meters wide. While it isn’t huge, it is a beautiful spot with the contrast of the green mossy stones and delicate white flow of the water.

We recommend vesting between late May and early June during the fresh verdure season. Especially in the morning, the air is chilly and gives a mystical feeling. It’s only about 10 minutes on foot from the parking lot, so it makes for a great stop on your Tohoku tour.

Mototaki fukuryusui
Kisakatamachiseki, Nikaho-shi, Akita

2. Mugenkyo no Watashi (Fukushima)

Photo provided by native photographer Kenkou Hoshi

Mugenkyo no Watashi is the rowboat crossing of the river in a mountain village shrouded in mist. Mugenkyo is the common name of the valley where Tadami River goes between Kaneyama Town and Mishima Town. Mugen means misty illusion, and as its name implies, from June to September early in the morning, in the evening or after it rains, the river is enveloped in mist and looks like an illusion.

We recommend taking photos at the pier. From late April to late November, you can ride the rowboat crossing during the day. You can enjoy the boat trip for about an hour while watching the landscape. To ride the boat head towards the hot spring, “Tsuru no Yu” near the pier.

Mugenkyo no Watashi
Hayato, Onuma Gun Mishima Machi, Fukushima Ken, 969-7406, Japan
Telephone: 0241-42-7211(Kaneyama Town Tourism and Local Products Association)
Hours: not designated, boat crossing operation from late April – mid-November seasonal sunrise – sunset (requires reservation five days in advance)
Price: Boarding fee is 5,000 yen up to 3 people, 1,500 yen per person for 4 – 19 people, for over 20 people 1, 300 yen per person
Closed: Late November – mid-April

3. Lake Usori (Aomori Prefecture)

Usoriyamako (Lake Usori) is located in Mount Osore Aomori Prefecture, one of the three major sacred locations in Japan. The crater lake formed by an eruption has a unique ultramarine color.

The mystical lake in a desolate rocky area is beautiful, and with the white lakeside sandy beach, it is called “Gokurakuhama (Paradise Beach).” Since the lake water is strongly acidic, only ugui (big-scaled redfin), which is said to be adaptable to acidity, inhabitants the lake. Every year in mid-October, the leave colors of the mountains surrounding Usoriyamako start to change, crea…

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