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Tokyo’s Tallest Mountain: 5 Fun Spots to Drop By On the Way to Mount Takao

Mount Takao is a mountain of beautiful natural sights located within Tokyo itself. It was given the highest rating of three-stars by travel guide Michelin Green Guide Japan and sees a large number of local and international visitors annually – highest in the world, in fact! – because of how accessible it is. Did you also know, however, that the area near Mount Takao in Hachioji town comes packed with plenty of convenient facilities such as restaurants and shopping centers, making it an ideal stopover point to consider for your mountain excursion?
It's likely not every day you get to plan a recreational trip to Mount Takao, so why not enhance your trip by dropping by one of the following five charming sightseeing or gourmet spots located nearby? The satisfaction you can glean from this quick diversion will be worth every effort you put in to getting there!

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Grab a "Tengu-Yaki" snack from Takaosan Sumika before or after your climb!

"Tengu-Yaki" is a must-try snack for all Mount Takao visitors. This crispy yet chewy Japanese pastry is shaped like Tengu, which is a long-nosed goblin viewed as the guardian deity of Mount Takao and stuffed full of delicious black bean filling.
Needless to mention, "Tengu-Yaki" will be an excellent souvenir to buy back home, but why not try it fresh from the oven when it's still hot and crispy? Since this is a highly-sought-after product that's often sold out by evening time, do plan to drop by a little earlier in the day to avoid disappointment!

The shop selling Tengu-Yaki, Takaosan Sumika was renovated and reopened in spring 2018. You can also visit their trendy cafe, restaurant, or souvenir shop.

Takaosan Sumika
193-0844 2181 Takaocho, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Transport: 1 minute walk from Takaosan Station; 25 minutes walk from Kiyotaki Station; 30 minutes walk from Takaosanguchi Station
Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm

The plain-looking but tasty "Pankatsu", or bread cutlet that local residents love!

Looks like a proper tonkatsu pork cutlet dish when presented on a plate!

"Pankatsu", or bread cutlet is considered an ultra cheap local food in the town of Hachioji. This snack is basically a piece of sliced sandwich bread sprinkled with wheat flour and bread flour batter, then cooked with lard. Simple as that! The inspiration for this morsel came about when someone wondered, "Is it possible to replicate the taste of tonkatsu with just a piece of bread?" during a time when meat was expensive. "Pankatsu" is nowadays well-loved by many residents in parts of Hachioji.

The shop Yamato sells two pieces of "Pankatsu" for 280 yen including tax.

After being cooked on a grill, "Pankatsu" is then slathered with a sauce that gives it a tonkatsu-like taste. This piece of cooked bread has the most pleasurable texture – crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. The occasion scent of lard that hits your nostrils makes it seem like you're biting into a genuine slice of tonkatsu. Although this snack looks simple and is really cheap, its light and fresh taste certainly brings back memories and is absolutely something to try out if you…

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