There's a lot to love about Tohoku ski resorts when planning a Japan ski holiday! This highly accessible region, just north of Tokyo, is home to various winter resorts, making it one of the more attractive destinations for skiers and snowboarders.
Here we will introduce our top 15 recommended Tohoku ski resorts for foreign tourists! These include resorts with shuttle buses directly to the station, ones with nearby sightseeing attractions, and especially those with staff who can speak other languages.

Tohoku Ski Resorts: Great Skiing & Unique Topography!

Tohoku has many unique winter resorts, ranging from large ski resorts with plenty of hotels to smaller ones that use the topography of the mountains and valleys in their courses.
There are also many Tohoku ski resorts with longer seasons, and you can even find skiers in short-sleeves enjoying summer skiing in Tohoku as late as May!
Also, it is only at Tohoku ski resorts where you can see such high altitudes and the natural phenomenon “juhyo,” or frost-covered trees (also called “snow monsters”) that are created by the severe cold. Some ski resorts offer “juhyo tours” by snowmobile, so you can enjoy the views, even if you can’t ski!

Unique Features of Tohoku Ski Resorts

The best feature of Tohoku skiing is the smooth quality of the snow! The snow is very light, so you feel as if you are floating as you glide down the slopes.
In recent years, an increasing number of ski resorts offer areas of “unpressed snow,” such as Tree Run Zones where you can enjoy the region's best quality powder snow. You may need to register in order to ski at these courses, so please be sure to check ahead of time.
Another feature of Tohoku ski areas is that many are surrounded by hot spring resorts, known as onsen in Japanese. We highly recommended having a soak after a full day of skiing or snowboarding!

1. Aomori Spring Ski Resort: Stunning Views From the Slopes (Aomori)

The Aomori Spring Ski Resort is surrounded by old-growth beech forests and located on the northern slope of Mt. Iwaki, the highest peak in Aomori Prefecture.
One of the charms of this fantastic Tohoku skiing area is the steady amount of snowfall and smooth snow quality that they receive throughout the season.

There are 14 available courses, ranging from beginner to intermediate. There is even a 3.5km long beginners’ course that starts from an altitude of 921 meters. Make tracks as you ski your course, accompanied by a superb view of the Tsugaru Plains and the Sea of Japan.
For advanced skiers, back-country tours are recommended. A guide familiar with the mountain areas will take you through …

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