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Top 4 Sightseeing Spots Near New Chitose Airport: From Outlets to Beautiful Gardens

Many tourists fly in to New Chitose Airport, which is known as Hokkaido’s gateway to the sky. Near the airport, there are various attractive locations such as beautiful gardens and an outlet mall for shopping items other than gifts.

We will be going over sightseeing spots where you can go directly from the airport. We recommend stopping by while you wait for your departure flight!

Getting to sightseeing spots near New Chitose Airport

To access areas near the airport, you can take the JR train, bus, or rental car. Depending on the location, they offer free shuttle buses. However, we recommend renting a car and enjoying the view as you travel. There are rental car offices in the airport, and they also offer a ride to your vehicle.

1. Chitose Outlet Mall Rera: Hokkaido’s Largest Outlet Mall

With a total space about 112,000 square meters, there are over 100 shops

You can reach Chitose Outlet Mall Rera in about 10 minutes with the free shuttle bus from New Chitose Airport, and about a 3-minute walk from JR Minami-Chitose Station. There is also a bus that goes directly to the mall from JR Sapporo Station North Exit (800 yen for adults). If you get on the bus you can receive a 500 yen voucher for the mall.

The semi-outdoor shopping mall feels more like a huge amusement park, you can also take your pet along with you (some shops may not allow pets).

JNTO approved information center for overseas visitors

Also the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) approved information facility, Travel Salon, offers information for overseas visitors. There is a multilingual staff that can assist you with your needs.

The interior provides a bright and open feeling

Food court Hokkaido Sora Kitchen offers various local dishes and seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido

The mall also has a dining section. There is a Raman Museum with many ramen shops and a food court with many local Hokkaido dishes such as soup curry and buta don (pork rice bowl). The mall also has a great selection of gifts. There are famous Hokkaido sweets such as chocolate from Royce, plus Rokkatei confections, and Shiroi Koibito. They also have other Hokkaido gifts like wine and cheese.

Interior of the Hokkaido Sora Kitchen. The open space can seat a maximum of 450 people

A prayer room established for Muslims

There are other facilities like kid’s room, baby room and even a prayer room for Muslims.

You could spend a full day of shopping and dining

Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM (may change depending on the season *some dining facilities open from 11 AM)
Closed: Open daily
Access: 10 minutes on the free shuttle bus from New Chitose Airport
Language Support: English, website has English page

Chitose Outlet Mall Rera
1-2-1, Kashiwadaiminami, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido

2. Explore the mysterious lake ‘Shikotsuko’ – Experience the tranquility by canoe!

Enjoy the beautiful lake boasting some of the most transparent waters in Japan!

Lake Shikotsu is a freshwater lake in Chitose City. Even in the harsh cold of a Hokkaido winter, the lake surface never freezes, and is said to be Japan’s northernmost lake that never freezes over.

It is the second deepest lake in Japan with a maximum water depth of 360 meters and an average water depth of 265 meters, but its transparency is very high, with an average of around 15 mete…

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