Experience the magic of Japan’s Obon holiday period (August 13-16) with the best summer experiences in the vibrant Kansai Region. From the picturesque charm of Awaji Island to the thrilling festivities at Universal Studios Japan, we’ve got your perfect summer activities covered. Here are our curated experiences and bus tours to kick up your summer vacation this year!

(Note: Ticket and tour availability are subject to change. Be sure to check the reservation page for each location for the latest updates and information.)

Super Popular Travel Destinations in Japan’s Kansai Region

During the Japanese summer vacation (July-August), many people travel, and it’s also a time for Obon celebrations in hometowns, usually observed between August 13-16.

Japanese travel agency JTB recently ranked the top destinations for Japanese travelers during this year’s summer vacation (July 15 – August 31, 2023). The Kansai Region, featuring Universal Studios Japan, ranked second, while the Kanto Region with Tokyo Disney Resort came in first. These areas have gained popularity since 2022 due to the exciting summer events held at their theme parks.

Ranking of Popular Destinations for Summer Vacation 2023 (July 15-August 31) (JTB Corporation)

RankArea whose popularity has risen sharply since 2022#1Kanto (including Tokyo Disney Resort®)#2Kansai (including Universal Studios Japan)#3Tohoku

August 11, a national holiday in Japan, seems to be the preferred departure date for most people. Following closely are reservations made between late July and early August, typically from July 20 to August 4. As a result, we can expect a significant increase in the number of travelers, especially on public transportation, planes, Shinkansen, and roads, potentially causing traffic jams on highways.

Top Tours and Activities in Kansai This Summer

Summer sees a surge in travelers and people returning home, making it a busy period for transportation systems. To enhance your travel experience, consider choosing a comfortable tour bus. These buses provide a convenient way to visit multiple sightseeing spots without the burden of transferring and carrying your belongings. Check out the following tours that offer exciting summer experiences, including the increasingly popular walking food tours in domestic travel.

1. Universal Studios Japan: Beat the Heat with Water-Themed Events

Universal Studios Japan, conveniently linked to JR Universal City Station in Osaka, is a popular destination for international and domestic travelers alike. This summer, the park is set to offer an array of thrilling limited-time events to help beat the heat in 2023.

The ONE PIECE Premier Summer 2023 is a show-based event inspired by the popular pirate manga of the same name. The…

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