Japan offers a variety of wines, from inexpensive brands to high-end quality bottles. Up until 1980, mainly grapes indigenous to the country (Koshu) were used, but since then, European grapes have been introduced to the process, which created new tasting wines. As many travelers will attest, a fun way to enjoy sampling a variety of great wines is to stay overnight at or near the winery!
One of the most famous regions for wines in Hokkaido is Furano; however, the production of grapes and wine is not limited to just Furano and has spread all around the prefecture. Unique winery stays are now offered even in Sapporo – the capital of Hokkaido.
Here, we introduce two unique winery stay experiences in the northernmost prefecture of Japan.
(Main image credit: HITOHANA)

Why Hokkaido Wine?

(Credit: HITOHANA)

According to the National Tax Agency, in 2021, Hokkaido ranked first in Japan in acreage for cultivating winemaking grape varieties, and third in Japan for wine production after Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures.
Unlike European wines, Japanese wines are known to contain less organic acid salt, and are said to be more compatible with fish and shellfish, which Japan – and especially Hokkaido – are famous for. Due to Hokkaido’s cold and snowy climate, cold-hardy grapes such as Crimson Glory withstand through winter.
Nowadays, with advanced wine-making abilities, other grapes that are found in Europe, such as German and French varieties, can now be grown in Hokkaido as well. For white wines, Kerner and Niagara, and for red, Yamasachi and Pinot Noir are cultivated. Read more about Japanese wine in our article here.

1. HITOHANA (Furano): Stylish stay in Hokkaido wine country!

(Credit: HITOHANA)

HITOHANA is located in Furano, which is perhaps the first region most people think about when it comes to wine in Hokkaido. Furano is known for its lavender fields, as well as vast fields full of various flowers, such as poppies, lilies, and sunflowers. In the winter, it is also well-equipped with ski resorts.

(Credit: HITOHANA)

Overlooking its beautiful vineyard, HITOHANA offers relaxing and stylish hotel options and condominiums, which can also be used as a workation location with a change of pace. This winery getaway also won the Rakuten Travel Bronze Award in 2021. Accommodation plans also include buffet breakfast and dinner, as well as access to Domaine Raison Winery and Vineyard.
HITOHANA mainly offers German-type wines, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Karuna, Mila Puluga, and Pinot Gris. The concept of the meals here is “bistro style” while using fresh Furano and Hokkaido’s local ingr…

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