Farm-to-Table is one of the current trends making waves through the culinary industry. Many restaurants are now searching for a more sustainable way to source ingredients, connect to local producers, and provide a more immersive dining experience (not to mention delicious as well)!
Sapporo is known for its beautiful produce, especially its vegetables. The cool climate and bountiful nature make the northern island the ideal growing conditions for crops and livestock that have become renowned throughout Japan and the world.
Here are two of the must-visit restaurants leading the farm-to-table movement in Sapporo!

Restaurant AGRSICAPE

Exterior of Restaurant AGRISCAPE

Tucked away in the mountains west of Sapporo, AGRISCAPE has taken farm-to-table to the next level. Opened in 2019, the restaurant has an onsite farm, where 95% of the produce is made.
Year by year, AGRISCAPE has been expanding its operations, growing around 150 different vegetables in the first year, poultry in the second year, and beekeeping in the third year. Most recently, it has begun sheep farming. Depending on the crops, the menu changes, and where possible, shun (a Japanese term used to describe when a vegetable is at its very best) vegetables are used. The constant monitoring and careful attention to the produce and livestock are maintained by 10 staff, with head chef Yoshida Kaori at the helm.

Onsite pig barn

AGRISCAPE is comprised of three parts: a small shop selling house-grown produce, a cafe and the main restaurant. The cafe has outdoor terrace seats overlooking the mountains as well as four counter seats in the store.
In the restaurant, there are three tablets, all seating four people, as well as two private rooms.

Restaurant dining area

The indoor shop has a selection of goods, all made from the produce grown on the restaurant's farm. Beetroot and apple jam (800 yen, tax incl.) and homemade bacon block (100g, 540 yen, tax incl.) are just some of the goods you can purchase and enjoy at home.
These change seasonally, so they may be different at the time of your visit!

Shop selling goods made from AGRISCAPE ingredients

The cafe is simple, containing just three set menus: the pasta set (1800 yen, tax incl.), the meat set (1800 yen, tax incl.) and the curry set (1400 yen, tax incl.).
All come with soup, bread (except the curry set), salad and ice cream for dessert. Reservations are not necessary, and takeout can also be purchased.

Caption: Wild lily

The restaurant has three lunch courses. The first is the KAEDE course (4400 yen, tax incl.). This contains six plates and is recommended as a light experience of the AGRISCAPE w…

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