Hokkaido is the northernmost region of Japan. Hokkaido in autumn gets very cold with temperatures lower than Tokyo and Osaka.
Here we’ll share all about the climate in Hokkaido in fall and the clothes you should wear at this time of year. In Hokkaido winter especially, you need to make sure you’ve got cold weather accessories such as gloves, scarves, and hats!

Hokkaido in Autumn (September to November): Overview

Fall landscape in Hokkaido

1. The temperature drops sharply from autumn through winter, and you’ll notice big temperature differences in the mornings and evenings.
In Hokkaido in autumn, the temperature falls quickly day by day from fall onwards. You’ll feel it getting colder at the start and end of the day as the temperature changes.
The morning and evening temperatures start to fall away in October, and in November it will sometimes be below freezing. Don’t get caught out by the change in season and the temperature differences over the day.
2. You need a coat and fleece from November onwards!
In Tokyo, a thin cardigan is quite enough to keep you comfortable at this time of year. In Hokkaido, however, you’ll need a light coat or a fleece. Even if you don’t need a coat in Tokyo in November, it’s best to have one in Hokkaido so you’re ready for the onset of winter.
3. Hokkaido has torrential rain in September!
Other than in spring, autumn in Hokkaido is when you get the most days of clear and fine weather. In some years, however, there’s torrential rain in September, and this is when you get the heaviest rainfall of the year.

What to do in autumn in Hokkaido: Flowers, Fish & Events
◆ Autumn blooming flowers: Roses, lupine, marigolds, scarlet sage, glasswort (samphire), cosmos (all in early October).
◆ Seasonal fish: Sanma (Pacific saury)(September), salmon (September and October), hokke (Okhotsk mackerel) (September-November), shishamo (smelt) (October – November), oysters (October onwards), Ezo murasaki uni (Ezo purple sea urchin) (up to mid – October), Hanasaki crab (October/November).
◆ Autumn Hokkaido events: Furano Wine Grape Festival (Early September)
Venue: Asahi-cho 1, Furano (Furano Ekimae Park)
Access: Short walk from JR Furano Station

Autumn in Hokkaido (September – November): Temperature and precipitation

Average values (1981-2010): Japan Meteorological Agency

Visiting Hokkaido in September: Clothes and accessories to wear

Weather in Hokkaido in September
September often has the heaviest rainfall of the year. Don’t forget to bring a folding umbrella.
Recommended things to pack for Hokkaido in September:
Uppers: Long-sleeved shirt, cardigan, fleeces, etc.
Lower: Jeans, warm slacks
Innerwear: T-Shirts, long-sleeved shirts
Shoes: Sneakers, warm walking shoes

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