Niigata Prefecture, located in the central Chubu region of Japan, faces the Sea of Japan and is surrounded by towering mountains and gorgeous wilderness.
Niigata is most famous for its abundant seafood and flavorful rice, which naturally leads to delicious sake. It is easily accessible in roughly two hours from Tokyo Station via bullet train or on a one-hour flight from Osaka.
This article presents the complete guide to Niigata sightseeing, including transport information, the best local cuisine, and fun activities to try.
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1. Quick facts about Niigata

Niigata is located on the northwestern coast of the Japanese mainland. It is the 5th largest in size of Japan’s 47 prefectures and is characterized by a diverse landscape of expansive coastline, rugged mountains, and sweeping plains. The local food and activities change depending on the area, making it well worth multiple visits.

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One of the most common reasons to visit Niigata is the wealth of produce and cuisine. Niigata is Japan’s leading producer of rice, the pinnacle of which is the much-coveted strain of “koshihikari,” and is also a prominent hub for sake and seafood. In fact, Niigata boasts the most sake breweries in Japan, making it a paradise for sake connoisseurs.
Also in Niigata are the two islands of Sado and Awashima, which are likewise celebrated for their consistent supply of fresh seafood. Often served as both sushi and “kaisendon” seafood bowls, many venture to these remote islands just for their cuisine cultures alone.

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In addition, the mountainous inland regions are renowned for exceptional snowfall. Taking advantage of this are numerous ski resorts, many of which have found a cult following amongst international skiers and snowboarders. This area also hosts the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial festival every three years. Going strong for over two decades, the spacious, quaint mountain villages act as the stage for numerous displays of art, attracting fans from across the globe.

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2. When is the best time to visit Niigata?

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The Climate of Niigata
Despite the nickname “snow country,” summertime in Niigata can become extremely hot, showcasing the full extent of each of the four seasons. We recommend wearing a light jacket and sweater in spring, a t-shirt in summer, a coat in autumn, and cold weather gear including a down jacket, gloves, and scarf during winter.
Seasonal Highlights in Niigata

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With such distinctive seasonal weather, the charms of Niigata change depending on the time of year. During spring, we recommend visiting Takada Cas…

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