Sendai is the largest city in northeast Japan's Tohoku region. Around 90 minutes via Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo and with excellent access to the rest of Tohoku, Sendai is a popular destination to visit.
Here we will introduce some useful tips when traveling to Sendai, including transportation access from Tokyo, the delicious local dishes to try, and the famous historical sites to visit!
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1. Quick facts about Sendai

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Where is Sendai in Japan?
Sendai is the largest city in the northeastern area of Japan’s main island of Honshu, and is located in Miyagi Prefecture.
The history of Sendai began in 1601 when the famous warrior of Japan’s Sengoku Period, Date Masamune, built Sendai Castle as well as the town around it. This history is an important part of how Sendai became the city it is today.

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One of the attractive features of sightseeing in Sendai is getting to try all of the delicious cuisines.
An example of a Sendai original dish is gyutan, charcoal-grilled beef tongue. Another dish to try is zunda, a sweetly seasoned soybean paste. What’s more, Sendai is close to the Sanriku Coast, home to some of the best fish markets in the world. Here you can delight in sushi and seafood bowls made from freshly caught fish.

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Sendai has everything you want from a city. While it has many urban facilities, you can easily find yourself surrounded by oceans and mountains when driving about an hour from the central area.
There’s swimming to enjoy in the summer and winter sports to enjoy in the winter. Additionally, you can find lots of greenery in the city’s center. So much so that it has been lovingly named morinomiyako, "home of the forest." Just taking a walk here turns into a relaxing experience.
If you plan to visit during the colder seasons, stopping by the hot springs is highly recommended. There are also hot spring resort districts to enjoy, such as Akiu Onsen and Sakunami Onsen.

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2. When is the best time to visit Sendai?

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Weather in Sendai and How to Dress
Although Sendai has a fairly mild climate year-round, it’s a city that enables you to experience all four seasons. Dressing for each season is also important. Make sure you have a light jacket when visiting Sendai in the spring, a t-shirt in the summer, a slightly warmer jacket in the fall, and down jackets along with other cold-resistant gear in the winter.

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Festivals & Events in Sendai
Sendai City also hosts large events in each season. There’s the See More >>

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