Generally, the weather in Sendai in autumn is pleasant, with refreshing cool breezes and a mild climate. Autumn in Sendai is from around September to November, a period considered one of the best times to visit Japan in.
That said, Japan's Tohoku region is famous for cold spells even during fall, so you might want to take note of some tips about the region's climate and preferred clothing for the season from our writer, a local resident of the area.
We've even included a list of recommended tourist hotspots as a handy reference. Hopefully, this will allay any fears you may have about planning a trip here, and help you to focus on your Sendai sightseeing instead!
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What's the weather like in Sendai throughout the year?

Sendai is the largest city in Japan's Tohoku region. Located on a low plain that opens up to the Pacific Ocean, the area enjoys many fair-weather days because of its proximity to the sea and is very tourist-friendly because the weather makes sightseeing spots easy to access all year round.
Although the Tohoku region is also known for its harsh coldness, Sendai is relatively warmer and sees little snowfall throughout winter.
However, the sea breeze does make mornings and evenings quite chilly throughout the year, even on clear days, so bring along a thin cardigan or light coat if you're coming during autumn to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable for your trip.

Sendai Weather in September

Although the oppressive heat of midsummer will start to taper off during this month, you'll still encounter a few hot and humid days in early September. The average temperature for the past 30 Septembers in Sendai is about 27.7°C, or 81.86°F. In recent years, some days can get hot enough to reach 30°C, or 87°F.
Once mid-September rolls around, the weather starts getting cooler and more comfortable. If you're not a fan of hot weather, therefore, mid-September would be a better time to visit.

Sendai's average temperature in September (taken from figures published by the Japan Meteorological Agency from 1981 to 2010)

Temperature (°C/°F)
20.7 / 69.26
Max Temperature (°C/°F)
24.4 / 75.92
Min Temperature (°C/°F)
17.6 / 63.68
Precipitation (mm/in)
187.5 / 7.38
Humidity (%)

What to Wear to Sendai in September?

A short-sleeved top would do nicely for early September. Since the sun will be out on most days, be sure to pack a hat or umbrella (as the locals use them as parasols) as well. The weather starts getting cooler towards mid-September, so throw in a jacket or outer coat if this is the period you'll be visiting. You'll absolutely need a long-sleeved top for the tail end of September. Open-toed shoes should only be worn until early September.
●Recommended clothing
Top: (Men) Long-sleeved shirt; (Women)…

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