Yes, you heard it right. Japan has a chocolate theme park! Shiroi Koibito is a famous chocolate representative of the country's Hokkaido region.
Since its launch in 1976, these unique white chocolate sweets have grown in popularity. There have even been theme park attractions dedicated to these sweets that have opened in, where you can you the factory, learn about the sweets, and know the history of the chocolate.
This theme park is called Shiroi Koibito Park and has gained popularity not only amongst Japanese citizens but people from overseas. And following its recent renovation, it now features even more advanced, new ways to enjoy and experience this delicious white chocolate treat!

Time Traveling with the Professor of Chocolate

The Professor's Assistant navigates the journey!

There are three types of tours available at Shiroi Koibito Park: the Tasting Course, Premium Factory Course, and Factory Course. Your experience will vary depending on which tour you choose, so you can select your favorite from the three.
This tour is one that is only available to participants of the Premium Factory Course. Go on a 30-minute journey with the chocolate-loving Professor of Chocolate, as you explore the secrets of the question, "Why does chocolate make people so happy?"
Professor Chocolate will teach you all kinds of various chocolate-related knowledge, and will even give you a quiz. Enjoy the world around you created by a beautiful and dynamic display using projection mapping. English and Chinese subtitles are also available.

You can also see displays of chocolate-related valuables, including the flower-patterned Meissen Chocolate Cup

Chocotopia Factory: Factory Tour

Chocotopia Factory is open to all participants of the Tasting Course, Factory Course, and Premium Factory Course. Here you can observe the Shiroi Koibito production line, and now, thanks to the renewal, the Baumkuchen production line as well.
The windows and halls have also been expanded during the renewal, making it easier to enjoy the production viewing more than ever before.
There are monitors in the factory displaying the number of Shiroi Koibito sweets and Baumkuchen being manufactured in real time, allowing you to watch as the numbers increase one by one.

There is also a large-scale diorama featuring the "Shiroi Kobito," or "white chocolate little people," showing the entire process of "how Shiroi Koibito white chocolate is made." On the opposite side of the production line is a cute scene of the little people at work that everyone can enjoy, from family and friends to couples.

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