Autumn is one of the most beautiful times to visit Tokyo. Since the weather for Tokyo in autumn is generally pleasant and cooler, it's also an excellent season for walking around and exploring to your heart's content. Still, it can get a bit chilly at times just before winter sets in!
The best time to see autumn leaves in Tokyo is from November to early December when the trees are painted with reds and gold. Every fall, it seems like streets everywhere are painted with the oranges, reds, yellows, and greens of autumn foliage.
Here we'll introduce the weather and temperature in Tokyo in September, October, and November, and share some of the best places to visit. With the right preparation, you'll enjoy all that the season has to offer!

Tokyo Weather in September, October, and November

What's Tokyo like in September? Weather and wear

Due to its comparatively higher latitude, Tokyo experiences four distinct seasons. Although September can be a somewhat cooler month in other countries, September in Tokyo can still retain summery temperatures, dropping to around 24°C from summer's 30°C.
However, September is also typically the beginning of typhoon season, so rainfall can be considerable – even more than the rainy season. Although typhoons will strike during September, they typically do not directly affect Tokyo, so you do not have to be too concerned. However, you'll want to keep tabs on the weather at least a few days before you travel to Japan.
In recent years, due to the heat island effect, sometimes there will be more than 100 mm of rain in a small area for one hour. This isn't easy to predict. Although local cloudbursts are somewhat unpredictable, they do tend to stop quickly. Ducking inside a nearby coffee shop is an easy way to get through them.
The difference between temperatures in the morning and evening can be a bit larger as autumn progresses; you may wish to wear short sleeves and have a flannel with you if you're especially prone to chills.

What to wear in Japan in September

What to wear in Tokyo in September: Clothing suggestions for women
・Knit jacket, short-sleeved T-shirt, light flannel or other long-sleeved shirt, thin chiffon, long skirt
・Accessories & Footwear: Sneakers or other comfortable footwear, sunscreen, portable umbrella

What to wear in Japan in September

What to wear in Tokyo in September: Clothing suggestions for men
・Thin shirt, short sleeve or long sleeve flannel or shirt, thin trousers, shorts, jeans
・Accessories & Footwear: Sneakers or other comfortable footwear, sunscreen, handkerchief or other small towels (for sweat), por…

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