Are you thinking about coming to Japan? Did you miss the summer festival season in July and August? Can you not wait until early spring for the cherry blossom parties to take over?
If you are longing to come to Japan but feel like you missed a good season, you are in luck. Japan has so many great and varied things to see and do that any time is a good time to visit. Each month provides a wide range of events, attractions, tastes, natural beauty and sites to experience.
Here are just some of the great things going on in September in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

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Why is September a good time to visit Tokyo?

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Anyone who has visited Japan during the summer will tell you the heat and humidity are unbearable. With temperatures usually in the mid 30’s Celsius (90’s Fahrenheit) and humidity levels at over 80%, multiple cold showers and change of clothes are necessary. The heat might be fine if you are planning to spend your trip beachside but if you are hoping to explore this amazing country, being drenched in sweat might not be the greatest way to experience the culture.
Additionally, the summer holidays and vacation season mean higher prices and bigger crowds at all the tourist attractions across Japan. Many hot spots across Japan have long lines and waiting times which make it hard to enjoy your trip.
But September, which is still relatively hot, slowly eases into autumn with temperatures dropping and humidity levels being more bearable. And with most Japanese people heading back to work and school, many places see a lot less crowds and visitors. By taking advantage of the cooler weather and lower waiting times, visiting in September can greatly increase your Japanese vacation experience.

Is it cold in Tokyo in September?

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According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the average temperature in September is 22.9 Celsius (2018) which is definitely a warm but comfortable level while out and about Japan. In terms of precipitation, September has one of the highest months, seeing rainfall averaging over 350 millimeters. This means although the weather is mild, there will be times when you will need to plan appropriately.
The days in S…

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