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We Accept the ‘120-Min All-You-Can-Eat’ Hokkaido Wagyu Challenge in Susukino, Sapporo

In the Susukino district of downtown Sapporo, Hokkaido, the Ippatsu Don grill offers a 120-minute all-you-can-eat Japanese Black beef course that makes it easy to “eat a lot of Japanese Black beef without worrying about the cost.”

Japanese Black beef, which is some of the highest quality beef in Japan, is popular worldwide. Its delicious, fine fat, known as “sashi,” melts in your mouth.

We tried the all-you-can-eat course, and will share how to get the most out of this value-priced meal.

Elegant, sophisticated shop in the heart of Susukino!

An unmistakable location

From Exit 4 at Susukino Subway Station, head south towards the shimmering neon lights of downtown Sapporo. About a 3-minute walk from the station, you’ll come to Ippatsu-Don’s lively building with “nobori” banners lauding the “all-you-can-eat Japanese Black beef” restaurant.

Ippatsu-Don is across the road from the Susukino Ichiba Market, so first-time visitors can easily find it.

A variety of seating: counters, private rooms for small groups, and larger rooms

The restaurant interior is decorated in tasteful, muted tones giving it an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. With counter seating, booths, and open areas that can seat up to 50 guests, it’s perfectly suited for solo diners or groups.

There are four all-you-can-eat courses great for any budget: Yakiniku A Course (2,000 yen and up), Yakiniku B Course (3,000 yen and up), Yakiniku C Course (4,000 yen and up), and the Special Japanese Black Beef Course (6,000 yen and up).

In addition to grilled meat, other items like bibimbap, cold noodles, and beef bone ramen are also featured on the Ippatsu-Don menu. They also offer other tasty options at great prices.

Taking on the “Special Japanese Black Beef Course”! (So many items!)

Color coded by meat type

The Japanese Black beef course and chef’s special menu

The “Special Japanese Black Beef Course” adds all-you-can-eat Japanese Black beef to the Yakiniku C course. Cuts of popular Hokkaido Wagyu beef are paired with “kalbi,” “sagari,” sirloin, horumon (offal), Jingisukan, and more. The luxurious course also includes beef tongue and other rare cuts.

We’d love to eat everything on the menu, but it’s a bit overwhelming, so carefully choose what you want to try, depending on how much you can eat within the allotted time.

The izakaya menu is also impressive

Other izakaya pub items like sake snacks, rice bowls, and noodles are also available. The menu is available in other languages, and the Japanese menu also includes pictures of the items, so ordering is easy.

Take on the all-you-can-eat challenge! How much can you eat?

First, beef tongue and Japanese Black beef

Japanese Black beef tongue

First, we ordered “Top Beef Tongue” and “Today’s Japanese Black Beef Platter,” only available as part of the black beef course. The beef tongue has an excellent texture and is a favorite among Japanese peopl…

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