Are you familiar with the name "Shimokitazawa?" If you’re into Japanese literature, then you might know of the original novel "Hello, Shimokitazawa" by Banana Yoshimoto. Or if dramas are your thing, then maybe you've seen one called "Shimokitazawa Diehard" starring Eiko Koike. Or maybe you're a music fan who's been to the Shimokitazawa Music Festival.
How has this town, formerly nicknamed "cotton town" for all its clothing stores, changed? Allow us to introduce some of Shimokitazawa's best antique shops, gourmet food spots, and latest trendy information!

In Japan, the narrow streets and alleys are called rojiura, which literally translates to "back alleys." In Shimokitazawa, besides the shops along the streets there are also many shops hidden among and within the buildings. Like a Hong Kong movie set, you will find coffee shops in room A on the first floor, and ramen shops in room B on the second. The streets and the floors of the buildings are lined with all kinds of various surprises here and there, like a kaleidoscope.

Shinjuku – Get on the Odakyu Odawara Line. Approx. 8 min to Shimokitazawa (Ticket: ¥ 160)
Shibuya Station: Transfer to Keio Inokashira Line (about 3 min). Get off at Shimokitazawa Station (Fare: ¥130)
Shinjuku Station: Transfer to Odakyu Odawara Line (about 8 min). Get off at Shimokitazawa Station. (Fare: ¥160)
※Shimokitazawa Station South Exit closed for construction from March 25, 2018. Please use North, West, or Southwest Exits. The new the East and Central Exits will be open for use beginning March 2019.
Antique Shops
・ North Exit: Get nostalgic for your childhood at Antique Toy Shop “Soundsgood”
・ West Exit: Experience the atmosphere of France at select shop “Pêche”
・ West Exit: Vintage clothing spot visited by stylists and models alike, HAIGHT & ASHBURY
Popular Gourmet
・ North Entrance: Instagram Famous Pancakes at FLIPPER'S
・ North Entrance: Popular Hokkaido curry featuring 20 types of vegetables at Rojiura Curry SAMURAI!
・ Southwest Entrance: Brewed in a time slip with Showa Era Nel drip at CAFE TROIS CHAMBRES

HAIGHT & ASHBURY: Vintage clothing spot visited by stylists and models alike

As you ascend the sloping path from the North Exit you will see HAIGHT & ASHBURY, marked with a bright red high heel reminiscent of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada." It is one of the 3 oldest clothing shops in Shimokitazawa, and has been around for 26 years.
HAIGHT & ASHBURY is on the sec…

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