Japan is known for the kimono, but in the summertime, the yukata (浴衣), a causal version of the kimono made out of a thinner fabric, is the go-to garment!
Kimonos and yukatas are traditional clothing well-known throughout Japan. What’s more, it’s popular among foreign tourists who want to try wearing one when they visit. However, many people are still unaware as to what a yukata actually is or how people in Japan enjoy it.
With this being the case, we have interviewed the kimono brand Furifu about some commonly asked questions regarding the yukata.
In addition to this, we have included explanations from professionals so that foreign travelers in Japan can enjoy wearing one without any worries. These tips on how to wear a yukata both comfortably and well cannot be missed!

We Interviewed the Kimono Brand Furifu

Furifu is a kimono and clothing brand developed by MIMATSU co., ltd. This year, the brand is welcoming its 90th anniversary.
While the shop carries kimonos and yukatas with retro-modern designs, you can also find clothing, accessories, and small trinkets that combine current fashion trends with traditional Japanese sensibilities.

(From the official website)

Differing from other kimono companies, Furifu uses their own original textiles. Keeping faithful to the traditions of the kimono while adding their own twist is what makes their items unique.
Every piece of clothing you encounter is stylish and charming. Here, kimonos designed for modern needs and lifestyles are especially popular. From younger generations to long-time kimono wearers, this is a brand beloved by everyone.

Furifu Official Website

We Interviewed Ms. Nakaigawa, a Manager at Furifu’s Kawasaki Shop

The manager of Furifu’s Kawasaki shop, Ms. Nakaigawa, kindly gave us a detailed explanation of yukatas. Having family that worked at kimono shops, family members that opened Japanese calligraphy schools, and having learned the Japanese drum when she was younger, Ms. Nakaigawa is accustomed to traditional Japanese culture.
She told us, “I have always had an interest in traditional Japanese culture. While in college, I learned about how the kimono functions as a national costume. I hope that more people abroad can learn about the kimono and Japanese culture so that they can enjoy it further.”

What's the Difference Between Yukata and Kimono? Things That Even Many Japanese People Don’t Know!

What is a yukata?
“Originally, yukatas were used as a form of underwear that people would wear during bathing. In the past (during the Heian Period, 9th to 12th century), you didn’t get in the water to bathe. You bathed by wiping the body from sweat while in a steamed room. This is similar to the saunas we have today. To protect the body fr…

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