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What to Wear in Japan: Seasonal Packing Guide & Tips to Lighten Your Luggage

Wondering what to wear in Japan during your trip and what clothing is appropriate? The weather makes a huge difference in the kinds of clothes and accessories you’ll want to pack! Plus, you’ll want to know whether it’s okay to wear certain kinds of outfits.

From spring to winter, here are the recommended items for what to wear in Japan.

What to Wear in Japan in Spring (March/April/May)

After a long period of cold temperatures, wonderfully warm days greet you in spring as April starts. The cherry trees are adorned with small buds, and people excitedly wait for the first flowers.

There are still cooler days, and especially mornings and evenings can be somewhat chilling, so bringing warmer clothes such as clothes or a jacket with a detachable inner layer.

Tokyo experiences its biggest difference in temperature between March and May, with the monthly average sitting at 15℃/59℉.

In general, spring in Tokyo is pleasant and a great time for day trips to explore surrounding areas!


At the beginning of spring, the average highest temperature is about 13℃/56℉. However, mornings and evenings are still chilly, so expect certain days to be below 10℃/50℉ as well. Mind the rather big difference between night and day! Dressing in layers is key.

What outfit to pack for Tokyo in March (Women)

ClothesCoat or down jacket, a warm inner layer such as a thermal undershirt, sweater, thick pants or knit skirt with warm tights.Accessories & footwearKnit cap, muffler, mask, disposable heating pads.

What outfit to pack for Tokyo in March (Men)

ClothesHeavy coat or down jacket, thermal undershirt, sweater, jeans or thick pants.Accessories & footwearKnit cap, muffler, mask, disposable heating pads.


The average temperature in April is around 15℃/58℉ and at the beginning of the month, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

There are more hours of sunshine, so day trips around Tokyo are especially recommended during this month! However, there’s still quite a large temperature difference between daytime and mornings and evenings, so pack an extra jacket to not catch a cold.

The past year also experienced a lot of rain during April, making an umbrella an indispensable item.

The beginning of April is still comparatively cold, so we recommend similar clothes to what you’d wear in March. Depending on the day, it can get quite chilly, so transformable or multipurpose clothes are a good idea. Layers also always work, such as a thicker jacket over a regular sweater. Adjustability is key!

What outfit to pack for Tokyo in April (Women)

ClothesWindbreaker, sweaters or cut and sews, pants or skirt and tights.Accessories & footwearMask, rain gear, light shoes with waterproof soles

What outfit to pack for Tokyo in April (Men)

ClothesWindbreaker or jacket, thin sweater or long sleeve, thick …

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