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Where to Go For Silver Week: Recommended Destinations & Spots for Autumn 2022

Autumn 2022 will be full of back-to-back holidays! With two three-day weekends in September and national holidays in October and November as well, are you looking at your calendar and wondering when and where to go?
Here, we pick up the best spots for fall travel from Okinawa, Hokkaido, and Osaka (according to research by travel agency HIS), which are popular destinations this fall. From autumn foliage spots to art museums perfect for the fall season of art, we will share a variety of fun travel ideas!

Autumn 2022 travel trends

Checking out the beautiful colors is how many people enjoy autumn in Japan! (Image: PIXTA)

Summer 2022’s Obon holiday saw no activity restrictions for the first time in three years, and there was a huge uptick in the number of domestic travelers.

This fall, during what’s known as Silver Week, there are two consecutive three-day weekends in September, from the 17-19th and 23-25th, making a maximum of nine straight holidays if the vacations are connected.
October will also see a long weekend (8-10th), and November will see its share, with the 3rd and 23rd as public holidays.
The number of travel reservations from September to November is expected to be 243% higher than the previous year (according to travel agency HIS), suggesting that tourist destinations around Japan are expected to regain their liveliness.
In addition, most prefectures have launched "prefectural discount" programs, such as the resumption of the Motto Tanoshimou! Tokyo travel discount campaign for Tokyo residents on September 1, 2022. The launch of Nationwide Travel Support, a tourism stimulus measure for the entire country, is also under consideration. Japan is moving toward a recovery in travel demand.

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What are the top 3 popular domestic autumn travel destinations?

Source: HIS “Accompanying Fall Travel Reservations”

In the fall of 2021, there was a relatively high need for trips to nearby areas. But in 2022, as in the pre-Covid period, there is a resurgence in long-distance trips accessible by air or bullet train.
The most popular autumn destinations for this year's September-November period were Okinawa in first place, Hokkaido in second place, and Osaka in third place (according to HIS data).
Many visitors to Okinawa are looking for marine activities and to enjoy the ocean; those to Hokkaido are looking to enjoy autumn foliage and hot springs; and those to Osaka are looking to enjoy Universal Studios Japan, according to HIS.
This fall, try extending your trip to a sightseeing spot you have never visited before!

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