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Where to Stay In Japan For Cherry Blossom Season

Japan's cherry blossom season, which goes from late March to early April, is one of the most popular times to visit the country. This period is so popular that in 2019, around 5.7 million people visited from abroad, according to data from the Japan National Tourism Organization.
Needless to say, when traveling to Japan to enjoy the blossoms, it's essential to plan ahead and make hotel reservations at least 4-5 months in advance for popular areas. Here are some suggestions on where and when to stay in Japan for cherry blossom season.

When is cherry blossom season in Japan?

Japan's cherry blossoms bloom from west to east in what's come to be known as the Cherry Blossom Front. Cherry blossom season starts from around mid-March to the end of April. Areas in higher elevations and toward the north see later blooms. Be sure to check out our Cherry Blossom Forecast for the latest bloom times.

Blooming times

Western Japan (Kyushu – Fukuoka)
・Flowering: Around March 17
・Full bloom: Around March 27
Mid-Western Japan (Kansai – Kyoto/Osaka)
・Flowering: Around March 23
・Full bloom: Around March 30
Central Japan
・Flowering: Around March 22
・Full bloom: Around March 30
Greater Tokyo Area
・Flowering: Around March 20
・Full bloom: Around March 27
Northeastern Japan (Tohoku – Sendai)
・Flowering: Around April 8
・Full bloom: Around April 11
Northern Japan (Hokkaido – Sapporo)
・Flowering: Around April 23
・Full bloom: Around April 25

Where should I go for cherry blossom in Japan?

Cherry blossom hotspots can be found in over 1,000 locations across Japan, so choosing just one best place is tough.
To help you whittle down your selection, we've made a list around Japan's most popular areas around major cities. From west to northeast, these include Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Fukushima, Aomori, and Sapporo.
Each of these recommended places to stay has a rating of 8+ on

1. Recommended places to stay in Osaka for cherry blossom season

Cherry blossoms blooming around Osaka Castle.

Osaka has a delightful mix of cherry blossom viewing locations that offer a representative slice of midwestern Japan with historical sites, modern neighborhoods, and mountainous surroundings.

Best areas for cherry blossoms in Osaka

Famous cherry blossom places
Chuo Ward
Osaka Castle Park
Expo' 70 Commemorative Park
Miyakojima Ward
Kema Sakuranomiya Park
Tennoji Ward
Waso Sohonzan Shitenno-ji Temple

Recommended hotels near the cherry blossoms in Osaka

Karaksa Hotel Osaka NambaHotel Noum OSAKAHOTEL THE FLAG ShinsaibashiSotetsu Fresa Inn Osaka Shinsaibashi

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Where You Should Stay in Osaka: Best Areas & Hotels for Visitors

2. Recommended places to stay in Kyoto for cherry blossom season

Cherry blossoms blooming along the Keage Incline in Kyoto City. (Credit: Travelpixs /

One of the prettiest places for seeing cherry blossoms is Kyoto! Many of the famous blossom spots have weeping cherry trees and double-flowered cherry trees, making for breathtaking photos. Tourists are treated to the city's unique, luxurious annual blossom viewing when the trees reach full bloom in early April.

Best places for cherry blossoms in Kyoto

Famous cherry blossom places
Arashiyama Area
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