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Where to Stay in Niigata City: Guide for First-Time Visitors

Niigata City is the capital of Niigata Prefecture, the fifth largest prefecture in Japan. It is one of the few remaining hubs of geisha culture and a renowned gourmet paradise.

To help travelers find where to stay in Niigata City, we’ve created this comprehensive guide outlining accommodation, neighborhoods, transport, and more, ensuring you find the right match for your own travel style!

Main photo: PIXTA

1. Getting to and from Niigata City

Photo: PIXTA

Niigata is a mid-sized city of around 800,000 on the mouth of the Shinano River and the Sea of Japan coastline. The center is flashy and modern, while the outer suburbs are characterized by rural, tranquil farmland.

Being very spread out, public transport in Niigata City is limited. Fortunately, many of the central attractions are walkable, and Niigata Station, which is directly connected to Tokyo Station via bullet train, is smack-dab in the middle of the action.

a. Getting to Niigata City from Tokyo
Niigata City is a direct line from Tokyo via the Joetsu Shinkansen (around 2 hours; covered under the Japan Rail Pass and JR East Nagano-Niigata Area Pass).

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b. Getting to Niigata City from Niigata Airport
Niigata Airport is quite distant from central Niigata City, and there are no train stations nearby. Those arriving at the airport can reach Niigata Station via public bus, which takes about 25 minutes on the limited express and 33 minutes on the regular service, both costing 420 yen. The bus timetable can be viewed in English here. There is not much to do around Niigata Airport, so booking accommodation nearby is not recommended for sightseers.

c. Ease of getting to sightseeing spots outside Niigata
Niigata Station is the final stop on the Joetsu Shinkansen bullet train, which departs from Tokyo Station and arrives at Niigata City in around two hours. There are several stops along the way worth checking out, including Takasaki in Gunma Prefecture, famous for spiritual wilderness like Lake Haruna, and Echigo-Yuzawa Station, one of Japan’s most convenient ski resort towns. From Niigata Station are several local train lines and express services that will take you all over Niigata Prefecture, along with nearby prefectures like Yamagata and Akita.

d. Getting around Niigata City
The central “Chuo Ward” of Niigata City is best navigated on foot or rental bicycle. Many of the main attractions, such as the geisha district of Furumachi, the banks of the Shinano River, and Hakusan Shrine, are able to be reached without trans…

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