Escape to the oasis of Hakone and experience the ultimate hot spring vacation in Japan! Soak in onsen hot springs with breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and visit art museums in harmony with nature.

With 30 highly recommended hotels organized into five regions, finding the perfect stay has never been easier. This guide also shares when to plan your visit for the best seasons to enjoy this beautiful area!

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Key points to selecting your Hakone Hotel

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Room type and layout

Most places to stay in Hakone are hotels with hot spring facilities, though you’ll also find a number of traditional Japanese-style inns known as ryokan as well.

Before booking any room, check to see if it features a Western or Japanese layout! This is important because a Japanese room means futons on a tatami mat instead of beds; understandably, not everyone is used to such sleeping arrangements.

Be sure to book a room with a Western layout if that’s the case. Do also take note that no swimwear or clothing of any sort is allowed when taking a soak in public baths in Japan.

If that is a matter of concern, bathing facilities can also be rented for exclusive use. Definitely something worth looking into if you value privacy.

Location, environment, and style

Hotels in Hakone are usually located either near a train station or an attraction. This makes it very convenient for you to book accommodations near the places you’ll be visiting during your stay.

For example, if accessibility and shopping opportunities are important to you, you’ll love the hot spring facilities located around the marketplace near Hakone-Yumoto Station.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of getting in touch with nature without having to deal with crowds and city distractions, accommodations in Kowakudani and Lake Ashi are likely to have more appeal.

For a smoother trip, plan ahead about the attractions you intend to see before looking at accommodations nearby.

Accessibility of hotels

As mentioned previously, most Hakone hotels are located near train stations, Nevertheless, there may still be a bit of walking to do between the station and your actual accommodations, part of which may include difficult terrain like uphill climbs, something to keep in mind if you’ll be wheeling luggage around.

If you have your eye on one of the more remote resorts, remember to check if they offer a shuttle bus service for guests between the hotel and a train station.

Accessibility of other attractions in Hakone

Since there are so many places of interest in Hakone, you may be pleasantly surprised to find one or two located within a…

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