Osaka is Japan's third-biggest city. It offers all the pleasures of a port city, including great food, historical buildings, and even theme parks. Osaka is an excellent place to stay and has convenient access to the smaller port city of Kobe, the famed deer-filled city of Nara, and of course, Kyoto.

1. How to select where to stay in Osaka City

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Osaka being a massive city means it is essential to think about what you want to do, where you want to go, etc., when considering where you want to stay. Osaka City itself is the capital of Osaka Prefecture, the second-smallest prefecture in Japan by size.
It is important to remember the difference when selecting accommodation in Osaka Prefecture rather than Osaka City. Given the city's proximity to sightseeing areas in Japan's Midwest, some visitors prefer to fly in to Osaka instead of Tokyo.
a. Ease of access to/from the airport
Kansai International Airport opened in 1994 on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, and landing at this airport is quite an experience in itself! As the plane lands, it almost feels like you are going to land in the ocean.
・By train: The JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service gets travelers to Osaka Station in roughly 65 minutes (1,190 yen o/w). You may use a Japan Rail Pass on this line. There are also rail connections to Tennoji, Nankai Namba, and Shin-Osaka, the last one of which allows onward travel to Kyoto.
・By bus: There is also a direct bus from the airport to Osaka Station, which takes around an hour (1,550 yen o/w).
Osaka International Airport (also known as Itami Airport) used to be the region’s top airport for international flights, but since 1994 has primarily handled domestic flights.
・By train: Take the Osaka Monorail from the airport to Hotarugaike Station (2 minutes), and then the Hankyu Takarazuka Line to Osaka-Umeda Station (20 minutes) (430 yen o/w). There are also rail connections to Tennoji, Nankai Namba, Shin-Osaka, and Kyoto.
・By bus: There is a direct bus from the airport to Osaka Station, which takes around 30 minutes (650 yen o/w).

Getting from (KIX) Kansai International Airport to Osaka Station: Complete Access Guide

b. Ease of getting to sightseeing spots outside and within Osaka City
Osaka allows excellent access to the rest of Japan. Shin-Osaka gives access to the Shinkansen (bullet train) network, which enables travel to the southwest, such as Hiroshima and Fukuoka, and east toward Tokyo via Kyoto and Nagoya.
Osaka also has great connections to sightseeing spots outside of Osaka, such as Nara and Kobe, via local trains, as well as bus services to the rest of Japan.…

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