Yokohama is a beautiful city beside Yokohama Bay and just about half an hour south of Tokyo. Consistently voted as one of Japan’s most livable cities, Yokohama offers all the expected conveniences of a major city, alongside quite a few unique features which make it an absolutely need-to-visit destination. Here's all you need to know about where to stay in Yokohama on your next trip.

1. How to select where to stay in Yokohama

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a. Ease of access to/from the airport
Yokohama is very favorably located in terms of airports.
To/From Haneda Airport to Yokohama Station
・Train: You can get from Haneda Airport to Yokohama Station directly by train (via Keikyu Airport Line, 26 minutes, 370 yen o/w). Note that this train is not covered under the Japan Rail Pass.
・Bus: Haneda Airport Limousine Bus (24 minutes, 590 yen o/w).
・Taxi: Going to Yokohama by taxi is more expensive (around 9,000 yen or more o/w) than going by train, but if you direct the driver to take the Metropolitan Expressway Bayshore Route, you will discover a gorgeous 20-minute drive with the ocean on your left and city views on your right.
To/From Narita Airport to Yokohama Station
Narita Airport is further away, but still equally easy to get to.
・Train: It is possible to take the JR Narita Express (N'EX) train (4,170 yen o/w) directly from the airport to Yokohama Station. This train is covered under the Japan Rail Pass. It takes around 90 minutes and is a very comfortable train to ride. Further, you can save around 1,000 yen by taking local trains, but this requires changing lines one or two times – which isn't very convenient if you have a lot of baggage.
・Bus: The Airport Limousine Bus costs 3,700 yen (one-way) and takes around an hour and 45 minutes.
b. Ease of getting to sightseeing spots outside of Yokohama
Yokohama is well connected to Tokyo by both local trains and the Shinkansen (bullet train) network. In particular, the Shinkansen station at Shin-Yokohama makes it very convenient for onward travel toward Kyoto, Osaka, and other points in the west of Japan. Additionally, this amazing city is well connected for getting to Yokosuka and Kamakura toward the south by train.
c. What is Yokohama like?
Yokohama feels a lot more relaxed compared to Tokyo, and apart from some popular parts like Yokohama Chinatown, it generally seems less crowded. This city center benefits from wider streets, lots of green trees and small parks, and also the bay being close by.
Historical buildings that date back to when many …

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