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Where You Should Stay Near Mount Fuji: Best Areas & 29 Best Hotels for Visitors

What's the first thing to mind when you think of Japan? Likely the familiar image of a beautiful snow-capped Mount Fuji. This iconic sacred mountain of Japan abounds in pristine nature, peaceful lakes, gushing springs, and many other scenic sights in all seasons.
There's no doubt the charming scenery here attracts travelers from all over Japan and the world, and we'll share with you in detail why people love this place so much.
Get ready to be taken around the vicinity of the mountain to such places as Kawaguchiko, Yamanakako, Fujiyoshida, Oshino Village, and Fujinomiya – all the hottest attractions in town. And we'll throw in our recommended places to stay near Mount Fuji as well, since it'll take much longer than a single day to enjoy everything the area has to offer fully!
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Key points to deciding where to stay near Mount Fuji

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a. Visibility and proximity to Mt. Fuji
The selling point of many hotels around Mount Fuji is a clear, unblocked view of the mountain from the comfort of your room. However, there are many other factors to consider. Can you see Mount Fuji from inside the room itself? How clear is it on normal days? How far is the hotel from the mountain? These can greatly affect the price of your stay and the quality of your experience. If this is a deal breaker, be sure to collect as much information as you can first before making a final decision!
b. Accessibility and amenities
The Mount Fuji area covers a large swath of land, but trains only stop at a few important landmarks. If you're traveling free and easy, always try to look up public transportation routes from your hotel to the places you intend to visit beforehand. Some facilities can only be reached by transferring trains or taking shuttle buses. Buses may only be making one trip a day, or perhaps you need a prior reservation with the hotel for it. Not all hotels have shops or convenience stores nearby either, so be sure to check first before booking your room, in case you're counting on having somewhere to go to for emergency supplies during your stay!
c. Popularity of scenic spots and activities
There are a number of scenic viewing spots around Mount Fuji with subtle differences in what they offer. Take the Kawaguchiko area, for instance. As the most popular destination for first-time visitors, the hotels are usually of a higher grade and more likely to have a foreign language-speaking staff on hand. While a night's stay here may be slightly pricier than the compe…

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