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World-Famous Instrument Maker ‘Fender’ Opens First Flagship Store in Tokyo’s Harajuku

Over its 77-year history, Fender has evolved as a culture-defining frontrunner with each generation of players. Now, Fender has opened FENDER FLAGSHIP TOKYO—its first-ever retail store—in Harajuku, Tokyo’s ever-energetic and trend-setting center.

The four floors of FENDER FLAGSHIP TOKYO are designed for the enjoyment of all music lovers.

(Basement Floor) The basement floor is dedicated to acoustic guitars. It also features a cafe space where you can sit back and relax, surrounded by Fender’s colorful and diverse range of acoustic guitars.

(First Floor) At the entrance to the store, this is where you’ll find Fender’s latest guitars/basses, artist models, accessories, and other notable items. There are also a variety of lifestyle products, including original goods like caps, home/office items, stationery, and apparel, including their new apparel brand, F IS FOR FENDER.

(Second Floor) The second floor features primarily popular US-made and Made in Japan electric guitars/basses, plus a variety of amplifier products. There is also a soundproof room where you can test instruments at full blast using your favorite Fender amplifier.

(Third Floor) The third and top floor is occupied by the Fender Custom Shop, which produces Fender’s highest-grade guitars. Here you’ll find products from the Fender Custom Shop and a special room for custom orders.

1. Check out the made-in-Japan products and models found only at FENDER FLAGSHIP STORE!

The needs of players have shifted with the times, and the flagship store is prepared to meet them with their vast offering of popular guitars/basses, mainly US-made and Made in Japan models. You won’t want to miss the rich lineup of Made in Japan products, including Japanese artist models. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, you’ll find a model that fits you, and there are plenty of spots in the store to test out your favorite model.

If you want to hear what a guitar plugged into a real Fender amp sounds like, swing by the amp room on the second floor. You’ll be able to pick from a selection of Fender amps and play as loud as you want. Some of the guitar models are only available at the flagship store. Of course, there’s more than musical gear to shop for; they also have a wide range of fashion and lifestyle goods for those who love Fender and music. The limited-edition models that can only be purchased would make perfect souvenirs for your trip.

Some Made in Japan limited edition guitars were specially crafted to celebrate the flagship store’s opening. These are premium items only available at FENDER FLAGSHIP TOKYO.

You’ll also find various kinds of apparel and lifestyle goods only available at the flagship store.

2. FENDER CAFE powered by VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS: Enjoy a Grand Opening gift!

“FENDER CAFE powered by VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS” is an in-store cafe supervised by the popular Santa Cruz coffee brand, VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS. Their menu has been built up to reflect the Fender brand, using carefully selected coffee beans with specific levels of roasting to create an original blend for Fender. They also offer alcohol menu, including beer and spirits. There are even season-specific items. Depending on the time of the year, you could try a “60’s Stratocaster® LATTE”, developed to reflect the image of an iconic vintage Fender product, or their “CASCARA HIBISCUS TONIC” and “ESPRESSO MAPLE SHAKE.”

3. A luxurious new apparel brand: F IS FOR FENDER makes its debut!

Inspired by the history of the guitar in music culture, the “F IS FOR FENDER” apparel brand incorporates contemporary and modern arrangements. Apparel made under this brand is 100% manufactured in Japan with Japanese-made fabrics and designed under the concept of “clothes that inspire” for lovers of music across generations. In addition to tops such as T-shirts, they also offer a wide range of items, including bottoms, outerwear, and accessories.

A new luxury apparel brand, F IS FOR FENDER, launches to commemorate the flagship store’s opening.

4. The Dream Factory: Visit the world’s first Fender Custom Shop® exclusive showroom on the top floor and see Fender’s finest guitars!

Also known as the “Dream Factory” for its top-of-the-line guitars, Fender Custom Shop has been given its own floor where you…

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